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Wedding dress in India include heavy zari sarees,lehengas, ghaghras and ghaghra cholis. These are either embroidered with glittering gold or silver metal thread or woven with them. Extensive use of decorative tiny pearls and glass beads make these apparels heavy and special too.Traditionally in Indian ceremonies very bright colors are used. And they are made even brighter by the use of all shiny decorations. in the changing fashion trend, the colors have taken pastel and light shades.However, the embroidery and weaving in gold and silver still exist with much prominence.

To these metal threads a new glitter of bronze is added in the last few years.The designs woven or embroidered include the floral and leaves motifs primarily. The dancing figures, auspicious symbols and series pictures of epics are also quite popular in designs on this apparel.

Embroidery still plays an important role in a wedding ensemble, but matte ari work replaces its glossy, shiny version.The bronze look is very in and there is no use of bright gold or flashy yellow. The antique burnished look is currently doing the rounds on both thebride and the bridegroom's ensemble cut work - appliqu gara embroidery, sequins and bead work are also in favor.

If you are mesmerized by what we have described here, and are wondering if all these beautiful expressions can be trasformed into reality, visit us at Lovely Queen Fashion Designing Palace. We know the importance of the wedding dress. Our range of collections in Various colors, textures and designs will astonish you.With innovative designs and colour schemes, Lovely Queen Fashion desgning Palace has a well earned reputation for setting new trends by reviving traditional motifs and using them in unique colour combinations.You can also give your specific ideas and preferences, and you will see them trasformed into dreamy, exquisite dresses at Lovely Queen, by the magic touch our artists and designers.

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Wedding dress in India include heavy zari sarees,lehengas, ghaghras and ghaghra